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Exclusive: Rich Franklin Training with Anderson Silva

As first reported by Scott Dryden, Rich Franklin is preparing for his upcoming battle against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99 by training with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. See exclusive photos here!


One of the main qualities of MMA that goes unnoticed is respect. If you think back to UFC 64 & UFC 77, when Anderson Silva defeated Rich Franklin, the mutual respect was obvious. Rich never said anything derogatory about Silva instead heaped praise on the current UFC Middleweight Champion of the World. Silva gave the same type of praise to Rich.

Now, sometime has passed as both Anderson and Rich prepare for monster fights, this time Silva helps Rich prepare. Respect and discipline; two core commandments in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, evident in two of the best the Middleweight division has ever witnessed.

Photos Courtesy of Rob Radford. Radford is one of the best striking coaches in all of MMA. 

See Rob and Anderson training with Rich below:



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By Scott Dryden Staff Writer & Editor-in-Chief