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Strikeforce April 17 Fight Card Results: Strikeforce Nashville Results - April 17, 2010

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Strikeforce looks to continue their recent momentum after the highly successful Fedor vs Rogers event in November and events in December and January as they put on Strikeforce on CBS on April 17, 2010 in Nashville. Our recap of the Strikeforce April 17 Saturday Night Fights "Henderson vs Shields" event is listed below as well as the official Strikeforce Nashville results. Fans can also find historic Strikeforce results and the Strikeforce: Henderson vs Shields predictions for the Nashville fights here at

Strikeforce: Nashville took place this past Saturday Night where else but at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. It featured three championship bouts, the rising stars of “King Mo”, Gegard Mousasi, Gilbert Melendez, and Jake Shields, as well as the legendary Dan Henderson. In the span of two and a half hours, we saw Mousasi’s star fade, Shinya Aoki dismantled, and the validation of Jake Shields.

The MMA universe was changed forever as 8 fighters entered the cage hoping to fulfill their dreams and propel themselves to the top of Strikeforce. Some succeeded, some failed. Here is where the 8 mixed martial artists stand now in their respective divisions, Strikeforce, and MMA following the event.




Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Tim Stout

Loser: Tim Stout – We were only shown the highlights from this fight, but considering the fight lasted only 3 minutes, the highlights might well have been the fight. And what we were shown confirmed much of what was felt when the fight was announced; Stout didn’t belong in the same cage as Miller.

Winner: Jason “Mayhem” Miller – Miller deserves credit for doing what was expected of him; everyone expected him to finish Stout in the first and he came through with the first round TKO. However, he made a fool of himself at the end of the night by coming into the cage during Jake Shields’ victory interview and disrupting Shields’ moment to shine. This was a foolish move by him, purely done out of selfishness to get his face on CBS and himself ahead of more worthy title contenders, that, while I don’t condone the actions of Team Cesar Gracie, deserved some form of punishment. Clearly, the “fame” Miller has gained from his MTV series “Bully Beatdown” has gone to his head. Here’s to hoping this disaster causes “Mayhem” to stop and think before he acts.



Saturday Night Fights - Televised Main Card


Gegard Mousasi vs. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

Loser: Gegard Mousasi – Mousasi and the out of this world hype surrounding him was brought back down to Earth after he was grounded by “King Mo” for five rounds. If anybody had any doubts of just how significant a great wrestling game is in MMA, they were quelled Saturday night after Mousasi lost via unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the bout 49-45 (Mousasi was deducted a point in round 5 for an illegal upkick). Mousasi is a great mixed martial artist, but his one weakness, as is the case with most fighters coming out of Europe and Asia, is his wrestling. Mousasi had no answer for Lawal’s takedowns, and except for round 2 where he landed solid strikes from his back, Mousasi was unable to produce an effective offense from his back; a position that he spent a vast majority of the 25 minutes in. Even though Mousasi didn’t come out of the fight looking as ugly as “King Mo”, he did lose in ugly fashion, reminding all his admirers that Mousasi is only 24 years old. After having rattled off 15 consecutive wins, a loss may have been the best thing for Mousasi. From this defeat, hopefully a Mousasi will emerge who is quicker, more adept on his back, and most importantly, a better wrestler.

Winner: Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal – “King Mo” shocked some fans, and fulfilled the prophecy of others with his dominating victory over Gegard Mousasi. Mousasi’s game plan of gassing Lawal out backfired on him as it was Mousassi who gassed and Lawal who was able to take advantage of the cardio implosion. “King Mo” looked powerful on his feet, but once his cardio started to go, his hands dropped and his punches began to loop. Against a fighter with better cardio than Mousasi, Lawal could easily have been finished on his feet, and hopefully Lawal learned this hard fact without actually having to lose the fight. If “King Mo” can improve his endurance so that he can compete at full strength for at least three rounds, he already would have improved twofold. Increasing his technical boxing skills as well as his jiu-jitsu would make Lawal a complete fighter who could be a champion in any organization, Strikeforce or the UFC.



Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki

Loser: Shinya Aoki – Much like Mousasi was exposed Saturday night, so was DREAM Lightweight Champion and Japanese superstar Shinya Aoki. Aoki is a jiu-jitsu wizard, literally doing magic tricks in the ring with his limbs to secure submission victories. But jiu-jitsu is only one aspect of MMA, and while Aoki’s one-dimension appears three-dimensional against inferior wrestlers, when he takes on fighters with the takedown defense of Gilbert Melendez, Aoki is as vulnerable as a turtle without its shell. Aoki is a joy to watch, but when he is unable to get the fight to the ground, his fights become lopsided contests that expose Aoki’s inability to amount any offense on his feet. If Aoki stays in Japan, fighting against mediocre competition, he will continue to be a top fighter overseas, the proverbial big fish in a little pond; but if Aoki wants to establish himself in America, he will need to develop wrestling skills which allow him to take the fight to the ground and utilize his godlike ability on the ground. Until then, Aoki will never be able to defeat any of the top lightweights who fight in the UFC, Strikeforce, and the WEC.

Winner: Gilbert Melendez – Melendez’s victory was not impressive because of the way he won, but the way he made Aoki look like a fish out of water. He didn’t finish Aoki, which is credit to Aoki’s grappling skills, but he did effectively instill a game plan that made the then #2 lightweight fighter in the world look like he didn’t even belong in the top ten. Melendez’s record now stands at 18-2, and with his two losses avenged in convincing fashion there aren’t many fights left for him to have in Strikeforce or DREAM that will improve his stock. A rubber match against Josh Thompson is the only fight left for him in Strikeforce that’s of merit, and possibly a rematch with Aoki in Japan to prove that whether in the cage or the ring, Melendez is the superior fighter. But even still, if Melendez wants to establish his legacy and be known as the #1 lightweight fighter in the world, he will need to sign with the UFC and take down their best fighters.



Main Event: Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields

Loser: Dan Henderson – After a first round performance that made Jake Shields look like a paper champ, Dan Henderson crumpled under the relentless pressure of Shield’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu combination. Henderson was the heavy favorite coming into the fight, and after the first ten seconds of the fight in which he knocked Shields down with a hard right hand, deservedly so. But after Shields made it out of the first round, the next four rounds exposed an aging, possibly injured, Dan Henderson. Henderson, the Olympic wrestler, had no answer for Shield’s single and double leg takedowns; a shocking revelation to an MMA community which expected the opposite. Just as surprising was Dan’s inability to get back to his feet; Shields controlled the former PRIDE Middleweight Champion from the top with ease, making Dan look like a wrestler new to the sport of MMA. There was much talk during the telecast that Henderson may have had some back issues leading up to the fight that caused him to gain more weight than usual and therefore make the cut down to 185 all the more grueling. If such is the case, a back injury would explain Dan’s Liddellesque gut, abysmal takedown defense, and inability to mount any defense from his back. If a back injury is not the reason for Dan’s lackluster performance, and instead it is age and insufficient preparation for the game Jake Shields, Dan’s time at the top of both the welterweight and light heavyweight divisions may be over.

Winner: Jake Shields – Shields put on the best performance of the night, and it’s almost scary thinking back on it, that we may never have seen Shields’ true ability had he been finished by Henderson in those opening minutes. Shields shocked many with his ability to take the Olympic wrestler down and secure full mount with relative ease. From there, he employed a stifling top game that rivals few others in the sport. If Jake can improve his ability to inflict damage from such a superior position, he could become an even more dangerous fighter on the ground. But for all the terrific wrestling and jiu-jitsu he displayed, the opening knockdown showed Shield’s vulnerability on the feet. He will need to sure up his striking if he wants to be able to compete with the truly elite of 185 and 170, as his boxing defense looked amateur, his hand speed slow, and his power non-existent. Obviously with the wrestling Shields displayed he will be able to determine where the fight takes place against most fighters, but with fighters like George St. Pierre and Chal Sonnen, taking them down won’t come so easily. Shields showed Saturday night that he is no paper champ and truly worthy of holding the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship. Where he goes from here will largely be determined by which organization he chooses to sign with. His Strikeforce contract has run out, and with this convincing win over Dan Henderson, a big payday from the UFC might give us our very first ever Strikeforce vs. UFC title fight, Jake Shields vs. George St. Pierre.


Biggest Loser of the Night: TIE – Gegard Mousasi and Dan Henderson

Biggest Winner of the Night: Jake Shields


By Jeffrey Concerto MMA Staff Writer



Fight Card Results for Strikeforce April 17 Fights:

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CBS Televised Strikeforce "Henderson vs Shields" Fight Card Results:

Preliminary Strikeforce Nashville Fight Results:

  • Jason "Mayhem" Miller defeats Tim Stout by TKO (Strikes) - Round 1 @ 3:09

  • Andrew Uhrich defeats Dustin West via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - Round 1 @ 1:36

  • Ovince St. Preaux defeats Chris Hawk by TKO (Strikes) - Round 1 @ 0:44

  • Cale Yarbrough defeats Josh Schockman by TKO (Strikes) - Round 2

  • Zach Underwood defeats Hunter Worsham by Unanimous Decision

  • Dustin Ortiz defeats Justin Pennington via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - Round 1 @ 4:27

  • Cody Floyd defeats Thomas Campbell by KO (Strikes) - Round 3



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Strikeforce Nashville Tickets (Dan Henderson vs Jake Shields) April 17 2010

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