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WEC 47 Fight Results - WEC 47 Results for March 6, 2010

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WEC 47 took place on March 6, 2010 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio as WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles made his first title defense facing Dominick Cruz in the main event. Also on the fight card was former 135-pound champ Miguel Angel Torres facing rising 135 pound star Joseph Benavidez. The official WEC 47 results are now live with the fights complete and in case you missed it check out our live WEC 47 Twitter updates @ProFightingFans.

WEC 47 took place last Saturday night during the annual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and featured a night of great fights and upsets. In the span of six hours, the MMA universe was changed forever as 22 fighters entered the WEC cage hoping to fulfill their dreams and propel themselves to the top of the WEC. Some succeeded, some failed. Here is where 14 of those mixed martial artists stand now in their respective divisions, the WEC, and MMA following the event.


WEC 47 Preliminaries


Scott Jorgensen vs. Chad George

Loser: Chad George – When the fight was first announced, no one thought George belonged in the same cage as Jorgensen. When the fight was over, no one thought George belonged in the same cage as Jorgensen. Chad’s performance went as bad as it could go, getting his only takedown stuffed and turned against him into a suffocating guillotine choke that ended his night 31 seconds into the fight. With George’s six fight win streak snapped, look for him to get another go around in the WEC cage, but this time against someone of lesser skill.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen – While his opponent wasn’t impressive, Jorgensen was able to make an impressive performance of his lopsided match-up with Chad George. Jorgensen is now 5-2 in the WEC with a three fight win streak that, if continued, could propel him to a future fight with current Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. Jorgensen belonged to be on the main card, and with his 31 second submission victory, WEC was forced to televise his preliminary fight. While we didn’t have a chance to learn much about Jorgensen and his continued improvement in this fight, he showed he can finish fights when put in against lesser competition, something which can’t be said for other top fighters itching for title contention. His next fight could be against Miguel Torres, but I don’t know if the WEC wants to risk Torres possibly losing three fights in a row.


Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Pettis

Loser: Danny Castillo – After starting off 3-1 in the WEC and rattling of 3 consecutive victories, a left high kick to the head was the last thing Castillo wanted after dropping his previous fight to Shane Roller. With this loss, Castillo has now dropped two in a row. It was a fairly even fight for the first two minutes, Castillo scoring a takedown, Pettis landing some blows, but when the left high kick came, it came with a vengeance. When a fighter loses in such a fashion, as exciting and devastating as it is, it’s not as harmful to one’s career as getting dominated for three rounds. Castillo will have one more chance in the WEC to prove he can still fight with the best at 155. When it comes, expect Castillo to keep his right hand high, guarding from any left high kick devastation that could end his WEC career.

Winner: Anthony Pettis –Pettis displayed why his nickname is “Showtime”, scoring the Knockout of the Night victory over a tough Danny Castillo. Only 23-years-old, expectations for this young mixed martial artist are high, and if he can continue to improve and develop all facets of his game, we may be looking at a future UFC Lightweight Champion. This was Pettis seventh first-round stoppage in nine fights, and you can expect to see him fighting on the main card next time around. No more prelims for Pettis.


WEC 47 - Main Card


Bart Palaszewski vs. Karen Darabedyan

Loser: Karen Darabedyan –This was supposed to be another stepping stone for Darabedyan on his way to a lightweight title fight, but much like fellow prospect Anthony Pettis, Palaszewski derailed all plans. Darabedyan caught Bart with some great shots on the feet to start the fight, and then, regretfully, took the fight to the ground with a thunderous slam. For the rest of the round, Darabedyan was ground and pounding his way to a decisive round, but kept leaving his arms in Palaszewski’s guard, a major mistake against someone with an active guard like Bart. With only twenty seconds left in the round, Darabedyan, after putting up a valiant effort to escape, finally got caught in an armbar. Daranbedyan looked impressive up until the armbar, if he works on keeping his arms protected when in the guard, he can still achieve great things in the WEC.

Winner: Bart Palaszewski – Palaszewski was getting dominated until he latched on to one of Darabeyan’s arms and tapped him out. Much to Palaszewski’s credit, he kept going for submissions while in the guard, staying active, trying to catch one of Darabedyan’s arms for a triangle choke or armbar victory. This is now his second consecutive victory since returning to the WEC, and both against top prospects in the lightweight division. A fight against a top lightweight may be next for the Polish fighter as he continues to impress against some of the best prospects MMA has to offer.


Devidas Taurosevicius vs. LC Davis

Loser: Devidas Taurosevicius – This was a razor close fight that could have gone either way, but really should have been a draw. The fight wasn’t the most exciting due to the constant clinch work and wrestling going on between the two fighters, but in the process Devidas showed his wrestling was up there with an amateur wrestler like LC Davis, while also demonstrating a lack of options if he can’t take the fight to the ground. Both fighters neutralized the others wrestling, which typically leads to a kickboxing match, but both fighters were neutralized there as well. If Tauroseviscius wants to be a contender at 145, he will need to improve his striking, otherwise the top wrestlers at 145 will always be able to nullify his takedowns and take him apart on the feet.

Winner: LC Davis –This was a good win for Davis on paper, making him 3-0 in the WEC, but to the fans watching it was a grueling wrestling match that gave many people a reason to boo and go to the bathroom. LC’s wrestling is very good, but like most amateur wrestlers who come into MMA, he hasn’t developed skills to finish a fight. If LC wants to become a champion someday, he will need to greatly improve his striking and sure up his wrestling for MMA competition. With three consecutive wins under his belt in the WEC, look for LC to get a fight against another top featherweight like Javier Vasquez.


Jens Pulver vs. Javier Vasquez

Loser: Jens Pulver – It’s too bad Jens Pulver isn’t a cat because if he had five more lives last night he may have been able to win. Pulver, thanks in part to his strong hunger to win, was able to scramble away from top BJJ fighter Vazuez’s mount, back-mount, and crucifix position before finally getting caught in a Submission of the Night armbar. It was another tough loss for Pulver which showed once again that age and skill has caught up to “Little Evil”. While in the past, Pulver may have been able to stuff the takedown attempt by Vasquez, Saturday night he wasn’t able to. Pulver has always been a fighter who relies on his boxing, and now with an inability to keep the fight standing, it is highly likely that Pulver’s time as a fighter is coming to an end. Because his name still brings in money, I’m not to certain the WEC will let him go after suffering his fifth loss in a row, it is highly likely that Zuffa will milk Pulver for one more fight in the WEC cage. And if not WEC, another, smaller, organization.

Winner: Javier Vasquez– Vazquez’s armbar submission victory saved him from possibly being cut by the WEC. After two razor close decision losses to Devidas Taurosevicius and LC Davis, Vazuez needed a win to keep his job, and he got more than just a win, submitting Pulver in impressive fashion. Vaszquez was able to takedown Pulver and showcase his wonderful jiu-jitsu on the ground. While the credit goes to Pulver for being able to escape from being crucifixed, mounted and back-mounted, Vasquez will need to adjust in the future to prevent such turn of events from occurring again. Even though Pulver has lost five in a row now, it was still a solid win for Vasquez over a name opponent. With this victory, Vazquez has bought himself at least another two fights in the WEC cage, and potentially, a rematch against LC Davis.


Miguel Torres vs. Joseph Benavidez

Loser: Miguel Torres – Just about no one saw Torres losing to Bowles, and the same can be said for Torres losing to Benavidez. It was a big upset Saturday night, which may mark the fall of Torres from the top of the bantamweight division for quite some time. Torres has begun training with Mark DellaGrotte in a partnership that was supposed to take Torres to the next level and sure up the holes in his game. But Saturday night, an equally vulnerable and if not inferior Torres was on display. He seemed uncomfortable and confused, unable to get off on the much smaller and faster Benavidez. Once Benavidez realized he was winning the standup, Torres hopes for taking it to the ground vanished, and even still, when the fight was on the ground, Torres was getting pounded.

Back to back losses for a fighter who was as dominant as Torres just a year ago can have damaging effects on the psyche. While there was much talk before this fight about how a true champion is determined by his ability to overcome defeat, the emotional and physical torment that will now need to be overcome by the former champion has increased twofold. Torres may want to find another trainer to work with, as his time with DellaGrotte doesn’t appear to have been well spent. Look for Torres to get back in the cage as soon as possible, but this time against much lesser competition.

Winner: Joseph Benavidez –The Team Alpha Male Fighter shocked the MMA universe Saturday night with his upset Submission of the Night victory over ex-champ Miguel Torres. Everyone expected Benavidez to be more explosive and faster on his feet, but no one expected Benavidez to be able to get inside Torres’ reach and have the faster hands. The story of the striking was Benavidez’s ability to get off before Torres and take it to the former champ. When the fight went to the ground, Benavidez was able to overcome Torres superior jiu-jitsu with his fantastic wrestling and slash Torres’ head wide open with an elbow. It is likely this slicing elbow that won Benavidez the fight, as the excessive blood pouring from Torres’ forehead and into his eyes seemed to send the former champ into panic mode and stick his head into a Submission of the Night guillotine. Benavidez made a name for himself Saturday night by convincingly beating the once top five pound for pound fighter in Torres, and a rematch with now WEC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz seems inevitable.


Brian Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz

Loser: Brian Bowles – The roller coaster that is mixed martial arts can best be illustrated by the last two fights of Brian Bowles young career. From seemingly out of nowhere, Bowles exploded onto the scene with a TKO victory over Miguel Torres and to the top of the bantamweight division, but just as suddenly as it was given, it was taken away. Up until the fight was stopped going into round 3, Bowles was being out-kickboxed on his feet and confused by the fancy footwork of 24-year old Dominick Cruz. When the fight was called off, one could interpret from Bowles’ seemingly sunny disposition that he was happy to get out of the fight. He had no answer for Cruz’s footwork, and just when and how much Bowles’ broken hand played a part in that is unknown. But what is known is that if Bowles ever wishes to regain his title someday, he will need to stop relying on his power to win fights.

Winner: Dominick Cruz – The most impressive victory of the night belonged to the new WEC Bantamweight Champion, Dominick Cruz. Cruz was on point last night, scoring punches and kicks and landing devastating shots that rattled Bowles and took him out of his comfort zone. Cruz did get his chin tested early as Bowles landed a bomb that shook Cruz, but as all champions do, he overcame. Cruz showed in his fight with Benavidez that his wrestling is top notch, and Saturday night he displayed that his striking is the best in the division, a devastating combination that may keep him on top of the WEC bantamweight division for some time. A rematch with Benavidez is imminent with Benavidez’s dominating win over Torres, but according to Cruz himself, he can win that fight 9 times out of 10.


Rising Prelim Fighter: Scott Jorgensen

Biggest Loser of the Night: Miguel Torres

Biggest Winner of the Night: Dominick Cruz


By Jeffrey Concerto MMA Staff Writer



Fight Card for Main WEC 47 Fights:

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Versus Televised WEC 47 Fights:

  • Dominick Cruz defeats Brian Bowles by TKO (Injury) - Round 2 @ 5:00 - Cruz becomes the new WEC Bantamweight Champion

  • Joseph Benavidez defeats Miguel Angel Torres via Submission (Guillotine Choke) - Round 2 @ 2:57

  • Javier Vazquez defeats Jens Pulver via Submission (Armbar) - Round 1 @ 3:41

  • L.C. Davis defeats Deividas Taurosevicius by Majority Decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Bart Palaszewski defeats Karen Darabedyan via Submission (Armbar) - Round 1 @ 4:40

Preliminary WEC 47 Fight Card:

  • Leonard Garcia vs George Roop - Fight scored Split Draw (28-28, 29-27, 27-29)

  • Scott Jorgensen defeats Chad George via Submission (Guillotine Choke) - Round 1 @ 0:31

  • Anthony Pettis defeats Danny Castillo by KO (Head Kick) - Round 1 @ 2:17

  • Chad Mendes defeats Erik Koch by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Fredson Paixao defeats Courtney Buck via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - Round 1 @ 2:39

  • Ricardo Lamas defeats Bendy Casimir by KO (Knee) - Round 1 @ 3:43


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